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School Uniform

For Boys & Girls
 (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)
i. Cream coloured shirts
ii. Gray (ash) coloured pants/ skirts
iii. Gray (ash) coloured socks
iv. Black leather shoes
v. Maroon colour sweater/ coat/ jacket (For winter)
vi. White Ribbon (For Girls)
vii. School tie, belt and bag

(Tuesday and Friday)
i. White coloured shirts
ii. White coloured pants/ skirts
iii. White sport shoes
iv. White coloured socks
v. Light blue pants/ skirts and black shoes  (Class Nursery – III)
vi. White ribbons for girls
vii. School tie, belt and bag
viii. Maroon coloured sweater/ coat/ jacket (For Winter)

Sports Dresses

i. Blue T-Shirts
ii. Blue trousers and White Strip
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